Benefits & Features

Ecodrum™ Features

  • Molded from corrosion-free polyethylene for longevity
  • Control system is automated and easy to use
  • Forced air exhaust
  • Supported by heavy-duty drive
  • Powered by a 1hp 220v motor for low energy cost
  • Stainless steel temperature probe
  • Quick latch door
  • Automatically discharges compost every rotation
  • Expandable with 11’ and 22’ kits available
Ecodrum Features

Benefits of Ecodrum™

  • Clean and simple to operate and maintain
  • Low cost operation
  • Minimal electricity energy required
  • Reduces odor and pathogens
  • Maintains composting activity in cold weather
  • Eliminates ground and water contamination
  • Produces a high quality compost used as a soil enhancer
  • Neighbor friendly by processing mortalities out of sight and eliminating scavengers
  • Ecodrum™ maintains a dealer network across North America to provide service and assistance
Benefits of Ecodrum

Models and Capacities

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Models and Capacity
What is composting


  • What is compost?
    According to the EPA, compost is organic material that can be used as a soil amendment or as a medium to grow plants. It is created by combining organic wastes in proper ratios with bulking agents (e.g., wood shavings) to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials. More mature compost includes the production of high temperatures of at least 131F to destroy pathogens and weed seeds that natural decomposition does not destroy.