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About Ecodrum™ Composters

The management of animal mortalities is an important aspect of livestock farming since even the best livestock farmers lose some of their animals every year. Rendering, burial and incineration have been the typical carcass disposal methods. However, these options are becoming less practical for many farmers because of:

  1. Decreasing rendering availability
  2. Higher costs
  3. Biosecurity concerns
  4. Adverse impact on air and groundwater quality

These reasons have made composting one of the most widely recommended methods of disposal of animal mortality.

A properly managed mortality composting system is low cost, environmentally sound, biosecure, and virtually odour free. The Ecodrum™ was developed after extensive research and development work conducted at Tri-Form Poly facilities in Morris, Manitoba. The main objective of our R&D team was to develop a cost-effective alternative to the outdoor composting process.

The Ecodrum™ successfully achieves this goal and as a result we are introducing it into the market. The Ecodrum™ is a combination of a device and process, targeting the quickest transformation of animal carcasses into consistent - quality compost at the lowest possible cost and management effort. This manual includes the information you may need to successfully operate the Ecodrum™ and to decide whether or not it fits your operation.

Who is Ecodrum™?

Ecodrum™ is the trade mark product of Tri Form Poly Inc, a composting manufacturer with a plant in Morris, Manitoba, Canada. We are a member of the US Composting Council, and have an extensive network of dealers to provide producers assistance and service across North America.

Our beginnings, in the composting industry were with swine mortality; however, we have now worked in poultry, horse and dairy producers assisting them with mortality, hatchery waste, and manure. Ecodrum™ is currently designing a larger capacity drum to service the food waste, institutional, and larger dairy's for manure. We work extensively with scientist, engineers, programmers, steel fabricators, and control experts to provide true solutions to producers that are essential for making good compost.

Tri Form Poly's mission is to provide an exceptional product, which is a cost-effective environmental solution to the agricultural market. Ecodrum™'s goal is to be known as leader in the industry for in-vessel composting. We believe this comes with building, designing and understanding the composting industry. We also know that supporting producers and dealers with exceptional service, training, and education will define us as a company.

Ecodrum™ In-Vessel System – Composting Simplified

The Ecodrum™ is a product of a manufacturer focused on the composting industry and the leader in rotary compost systems designed for the disposal of mortalities from commercial confined animal operations.

The Ecodrum™ composting system is the product of years of effort in applying the principles in the developing science of composting, combined with extensive field trials and testing. The Ecodrum™ in vessel composter provides the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to the problems presented by animal mortalities in farming today. The Ecodrum™ eliminates risks associated with infection of animal populations and contamination of the environment.

The Ecodrum™ design is the envy of many competitors. It is built out of non corrosive material, UV inhibited high density polyethylene, insulated with polyethylene foam, and the inside of the drum is food grade plastic. The process is well recognized and endorsed by the Association of Rotational Molders. Polyethylene products are all around us today and are considered as being superior to mild steel drums that will corrode in time. As a manufacturer we pay attention to the details, and as a member of the US Composting Council, we are building equipment that will meet or exceed current regulations.

Ecodrum™ offers an air system on all our drums. Oxygen is one of the key requirements in composting and a better investment than bone screens. Every feature of the machine is planned to enhance safety and minimize labor to operate the Ecodrum™. Its heavy-duty construction and extensive dealer network of qualified dealers ensures the Ecodrum™ gives the producer years of trouble-free service.